Behind The Scenes

We want to be proud of every commission we produce. We apply care and professionalism to every aspect of our relationship with the client and throughout the design and production processes.

Experience has taught us that no two commissions are the same. Careful planning and communication are just as critical to the success of each project as creativity and cost. Therefore we tailor each process to suit your individual requirements whether a sculpted bronze bust or a life size animatronic T-Rex.

We will keep you informed at every stage to avoid any surprises and to ensure what we do is what you want. This also allows us, if necessary, to discuss and incorporate any changes or alterations that may need to be made.

Each commission has its own character and will progress differently to any other due the nature of the work, the materials, size and needs of the client. We will work to the agreed budgets and timescales. Your designs ideas, however rough or polished, will shape what we do and we will take every step possible to achieve the ideas you wish to create. Processes vary greatly to suit your expectation and individual needs.

With over two decades in the industry we are able to draw on experience and knowledge  of a vast range of materials and techniques often in new and innovative ways.

In the creative design process, through our experience and industry knowledge, we will bring to life the ideas and concepts you have, together with some you may not know you have. Our aim is to inspire and enthuse our clients, customers and visitors with the energy, quality and creativity in what we do.


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