About Us

Spirit Sculpture was founded in 2001 by Michelle Hayward-Jones, a sculptor with over 22 years experience in the themed entertainment industry.

Spirit Sculpture specialises in the design and manufacture of animatronic features and figures, costumes, interactive props and scenery for commercial and private commissions.

Whatever your creative requirement Spirit Sculpture can bring to life your whole world of imagination.

Spirit Sculpture’s clients include Theme Parks, Visitor Attractions, Museums, Exhibitions TV, Film, Theatre and High Street retailers.

Every commission is unique and Spirit Sculpture will ensure the client’s vision, design requirements and specifications are met with each bespoke creation we produce.

Spirit Sculpture can provide services and advice for all elements of your project including design, engineering, lighting and sound. We can advise on materials, costs and timescales.

From conception to completion our aim at Spirit Sculpture is not to simply meet your expectations but to exceed them.


Please Contact Us with any queries or requests